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The U.S. Congress has asked the FCC to preserve emails and other electronic records, as part of an upcoming investigation into the Commission. The leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee recently filed a letter with the FCC making the request. In December, the Committee said it would be investigating the fairness and transparency of FCC procedures.

…..The Committee asked FCC Chairman Kevin Martin "to immediately preserve all electronic records, including work e-mail and personal e-mail communications relating to official work of the commission, and calendars and schedules of all employees (and paper copies and versions of those records)."

…..In December Martin responded to Dingell's questions of FCC procedures in an open letter. The Chairman essentially agreed with the lawmaker that "the Commission should conduct its affairs fairly, openly, and transparently to serve the public interest," though he also defended some of his more criticized actions, such as pushing for quick votes and calling meetings at the last minute.


Belarmino "Blackie" Gonzales, passed away Wednesday afternoon, January 2nd, a day and a half after he suffered a stroke. 23 years ago Gonzales founded the first Christian VHF television station in the nation, KCHF-TV, Channel 11.  Gonzales also ran Albuquerque radio station, KDAC-AM, for 36 years

…..Gonzales, 74, was familiar to many as the co-host of KCHF's flagship program, God Answers Prayer, which he began on radio, and as the host of A Healthier You.  Belarmino was born and raised in Santa Fe, and after serving in the U.S. Army, attended the College of Santa Fe and Trinity Theological Seminary in Albuquerque.  He taught business courses at the College of Santa Fe and opened his own IBMTraining School. An entrepreneur, he also ran an art gallery, gas stations and restaurants.

…..The family obituary says Gonzales had a "special love for Israel" and "dedicated his life in support of the state of Israel and the Jewish people." In 2007, he was recognized at the annual New Mexico Israel Bonds dinner.

.....Gonzales is survived by his second wife, Joanne Browne; his son Ted; daughters Mary Kay Gonzales, Vickie Archiveque and Annette Garcia; two stepsons, Jhett Browne and Lance Browne; 16 grandchildren; one great-grandchild; and two brothers, George Gonzales and Jose Gonzales.

…..A memorial service will be held Thursday, January 10th, at Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque.


Citadel Broadcasting announced that it has retained the services of Credit Suisse Securities LLC and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. as financial advisors for the divestiture of assets as part of its purchase of ABC Radio properties. Citadel expects to generate between $75-$175 million in gross sale proceeds over the next 12-24 months, including certain stations that are required to be divested as a result of the ABC Radio transaction.

While it is unknown what stations Citadel is looking to sell off, Radio-Info reports that Citadel's stations in Buffalo, Syracuse, Knoxville and Binghamton are possibilities to go up for sale as part of the divestiture. Citadel currently owns 223 radio stations around the country, along with ABC Radio Networks.


The Director of TWR Moscow, Peter Ryazanov, was recently presented with an Award from the Russian governments Ministry of the Interior. 

......The Russian Federation honored TWR's radio ministry in response to TWR’s broadcasts which are targeted to prisoners in Russia; The government agency thanked TWR for "their invaluable help in bringing spiritual instruction and education to the inmates".

…..The presentation came at the end of a ministry tour involving visiting 532 prisons and 203 churches and covering a distance of 80,000 kilometres.


Noted Christian television producer and director, Jim Boyer, went to be with Jesus on Wednesday, December 12th, after undergoing major heart surgery.

Boyer served with a number of ministries, including WCFC-TV38, Chicago; WQFL-TV, Tampa; Three Angels Network and produced the nationally syndicated program, “Prophecy Countdown.” Over the years, Mr. Boyer traveled throughout the country as well as overseas in a dramatic portrayal of Simon Peter as “The Big Fisherman.”

A memorial service is scheduled for Sunday, December 30th at 6:00pm at Bayshore Church of the Nazarene, Bradenton, FL. Boyer leaves a wife, Carolyn, and four adult children.


Oleen Eagle, former network president of Cornerstone Television Network, passed away on December 2, 2007, due to complications from pancreatic cancer. 

…..Everyone who knew Eagle said she leaves a legacy of integrity, and was known for her profound faith and impeccable integrity. She was 77 years of age.  A few days before she went “home,” she confidently said, “I’m ready for my hallelujah ride!”

…..Eagle became President of Cornerstone TeleVision in January of 1994, and in 2000 was President and CEO until her retirement in 2003.  She served as part of the executive management team since the station and network was established in 1976.  She was responsible for developing the foundational mission and management system of the award-winning television network.  She is survived by her husband, Ted; a sister and brother-in-law, a nephew and niece, and other nephews and nieces.

…..A memorial service will be open to the public at Monroeville Assembly of God Church in Monroeville, PA on Saturday, December 15 at 11 am. In lieu of flowers, monetary gifts can be made payable to the Eagle Family Trust to assist with expenses. A portion of the gifts will be given to a ministry favored by Oleen. Cards and gifts can be sent to: Eagle Family Trust, c/o David Skeba, 2911 McClure St., White Oak, PA 15131.

For more information contact David Skeba:


Christian television pioneer Pat Robertson announced at a recent meeting of the CBN board of directors his desire to relinquish his duties as Chief  Executive Officer of the Christian Broadcasting Network effective immediately. He will continue as the Chairman of the board.  Robertson, who will be 78 in March, founded CBN in 1960, and has been the ministry's Chief Executive Director since its founding.

…..CBN began as a tiny rundown UHF television station in Portsmouth, Virginia, and has grown to a worldwide ministry employing approximately 2,800 and having sent out programs in 99 languages to over 225 countries with domestic studios in Virginia Beach and Nashville, and overseas studios in Manila, Jakarta, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kiev. Its humanitarian arm, Operation Blessing International, is responsible for humanitarian and disaster relief caring for an estimated 9.5 million people worldwide in 2007.

As Chairman, Pat Robertson will continue active involvement in the ministry he founded as well as the Presidency of Regent University.

…..Gordon Robertson will step-in as Chief Executive Officer of the corporation and Vice Chairman of the Board, reporting to the Chairman.  Gordon Robertson holds a baccalaureate degree from Yale University and a juris doctor degree from Washington & Lee Law School.

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One of the longest running religious radio programs in the United States will bring its broadcast to a close at the end of the year. "The Calvary Hour" is currently heard across North America and in Central America on a network of 38 stations.

……Bill Detweiler, and his twin brother Bob, took over the speaking responsibilities of the broadcast in 1956, following the unexpected death of their father William, who started The Calvary Hour in 1936. Bill Detweiler has been the sole host of the program since the death of his brother in 1989.

…..Detweiler, who turns 78 at the end of this month, said, "I have always known that the day would come when The Calvary Hour would produce its last broadcast. I must acknowledge that it is with a sense of significant sadness that I recognize that closing time has at last arrived." He added, "I will pray that God will continue to harvest souls because of the many seeds sown by The Calvary Hour during its 71 years."

…..The broadcast has been represented by Walter Bennett Communications for nearly 50 years.

…..For More Information:


This month, the Antique Wireless Association is featuring on their popular web site pictures and diagrams of Replicas of Vintage Ham Transmitters.

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Fifty-one additional lawmakers have backed a bi-partisan resolution to recognize the free airplay value of radio airplay. The resolution was introduced late last month to counter the proposed performance royalty rates for radio. According to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), the resolution now has 104 co-sponsors, including its authors, Reps. Gene Green (D-TX) and Mike Conaway (R-TX).

…….The current House Concurrent Resolution 244 reads as such; "Congress should not impose any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge relating to the public performance of sound recordings on a local radio station for broadcasting sound recordings over-the-air, or on any business for such public performance of sound recordings."


Rob Frost, well-known British broadcaster, conference speaker, author and devoted Christian believer, passed away peacefully at his home in London last week.

…..Frost was the host of Premier Radio's flagship current affairs program in London called “Frost on Sunday” and hosted a weekly Television program called “The Frost Debate.”

…….Frost was the International Director of the International Leadership Institute based in Atlanta, lectured in mission and evangelism at London School of Theology and was a regular teacher at theological institutions throughout the UK.  He authored over 25 books.

…..Rob Frost was the Director and then President Emeritus of Share Jesus International, a mission agency which he founded 25 years ago, and initiated scores of projects including Easter People, a conference which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, and was in great demand as a speaker in meetings and conferences around the globe.

 …..Frost was diagnosed with skin cancer in June and was undergoing treatment until his death last Sunday. 


Hope Media of Sweden has announced that it is now broadcasting in Gothenburg, Sweden.  This added opportunity is in addition to their daily programming from Ljungby, in Central Sweden.

…..Nathan Quist, president of Hope Media of Sweden said that they have entered into partnership with Radio Full Gospel of Sweden to produce programming on Göteborgs Närradioförening or Gothenburg’s Near Radio Association, on 103.1 Mhz every other Saturday at 9pm. Handling the on-air responsibilities will be Larz Myhrberg and Maria Quist.

……Hope Media programming consists of News, positive Christian contemporary music and testimonies of how God has dramatically changed the lives of Swedish young people.

…..Hope Media streaming can be found at:


As was rumored, Don Imus will make his return to radio with Citadel, as he hosts another morning talk show on the company's flagship station, WABC/New York.  Imus will begin broadcasting on December 3rd along with his longtime newsman, Charles McCord, and other members of his morning team.

…..While there had been talks about doing the show from another remote location, that idea has apparently been shelved, according to the New York Post. The Post also says that Imus signed a five-year deal with Citadel that will pay him up to $8 million annually.

.....There are talks that the show will eventually be syndicated across 22 ABC radio stations. Imus will be replacing the Curtis & Kuby Show. There are also rumers that a separate television deal is in the work, similar to the one he previously had with MSNBC.     


The Federal Communications Commission’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released the agenda for the Health Care Summit on Emergency Communications: Preparedness, Response and Recovery which will be held on Thursday, November 1, 2007.

..The Summit will focus on hospital emergency communications plans and preparedness efforts, including the use of alternative technologies to bolster response capabilities.  Panelists will examine the benefits of utilizing broadband networks, to support telemedicine, and other communications infrastructure that will improve information-sharing capabilities and further strengthen the Nation’s response to pandemics or bio-terrorism-related events.

…..The event will be open to the public, however, admittance will be limited to the seating available.  Individuals who are interested in attending the summit may pre-register on-line at: no later than October 29, 2007.  A live web cast will be available at

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The low-rated liberal talk radio network “Air America” announced that it will launch a new nationwide show focusing on atheism.

..The Freethought Radio Program, hosted by the co-presidents of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, has been airing on Air America's Madison, Wis., affiliate since April 2006, with the show now to be carried on 14 other affiliates from Palm Springs, Fla., to Eugene, Ore., and on XM Satellite radio.

..Annie Laurie Gaylor, of the FFRF, said that "you can turn on the radio or TV 24/7 to be preached at, but this is one hour a week of the public airwaves that offers an alternative."  Gaylor said the program "offers irreverent views, news, music and interviews," including a regular news feature called "Theocracy Alert."  The first national show featured Christopher Hitchens, author of "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything."

..Air America Radio filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October one year ago, and reorganized with funding from an investor group.

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United Christian Broadcasters Limited (UCB) has secured DAB Digital radio capacity covering five major regions in the United Kingdom, potentially reaching another 17.6 million people across the country.

…….With the addition of five regions, along with its existing London and Stoke licenses, virtually all major cities in England and Wales will be able to hear positive Inspirational radio for the first time.

.....Towns and cities able to receive UCB's DAB Digital radio broadcasts will include Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bradford, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Lincoln, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Swansea, Cardiff, Bristol and Bath.

…..UCB is one of the largest Christian media ministries in the UK and Ireland, whose vision is to change lives for good through evangelism, discipleship and mission. Resources include radio and television programming, prayer support and the provision of Christian books, CDs and DVDs.

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The first transatlantic wireless telegraph service is officially recognized as opening on October 17, 1907.  On duty at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, for that historic event, and under the watchful eye of Guglielmo Marconi, was telegrapher James Holmes.  An exhibit is currently being shown to mark this centennial of the beginning of the first regular commercial transatlantic wireless service in 1907 between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and Clifden, Ireland. The story is told via historic photographs, text and a magnificent display of radio artifacts from that era. The exhibit will be on display until October 31st at the Glace Bay Heritage Museum.  

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Radio has fallen on hard times, and has remained one of the slowest-growing of all media.  PricewaterhouseCoopers projects ad spending on radio next year to grow 1.4 percent over 2007 to $20.10 billion, following five straight years of likewise flat-to-slight performance.

.....In 2008, there are few factors that promise to turn things around. Like other media, radio has been hurt by a sluggish auto category, about 12 to 13 percent of a station's total take. Retail, the bread-and-butter category of local media, has been rocky at best, with newly merged retailers diverting a good chunk of dollars into national platforms.  While it's difficult to quantify, buyers say some dollars from radio budgets have been reallocated to new media.

…..There's also the question of the on-again, off-again merger of XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, which the National Association of Broadcasters has been fighting tooth and nail. If the merger happens, consolidation of satellite technology for consumers could mean satellite radio would get a second look from network and national ad buyers. Terrestrial radio would find itself competing not just for listeners but for national ad dollars.

..The medium is likely to have better success with revenue from interactive sales, which at the half-year point contributed to a 12 percent increase in non-spot revenue, moving the radio industry's total take out of the negative column.

…..To counter satellite radio and other new media, radio has stepped up its experimentation with inventory, offering shorter spots and sponsorships of entire stations. But some of those efforts could be a double-edged sword, particularly shorter spots, which introduced more inventory into the marketplace at a time when demand is lukewarm at best.

…..On the horizon is HD Radio. While radio groups have been quick to make the transition to the new digital technology, they've been slow to monetize it. HD is still largely unknown to consumers.

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Another Spanish-language station moves into the South; this time it’s WGSP-FM, (La Tremenda-FM) in Charlotte, NC.

..Riding the power of the tremendous growth of Mexican immigrants, many of them illegal according to sources, WGSP-FM was launched this week with a music-intensive regional Mexican format.  …..WGSP-FM joins two other Spanish stations owned by Atlanta-based Norsan Broadcasting in the region, WGSP-AM ("La Tremenda" 1310) and WXNC-AM ("Latino Hits" 1060).

..By moving the transmitter from Pageland, S.C., it becomes the second FM station catering to the fast-growing Hispanic audience, which composes 7 percent of the Charlotte radio market's estimated 1.9 million listeners.…..The station's studios are located in the Independence Tower; Norsan also produces network programming for its Spanish stations in Columbia, Fayetteville, Jacksonville, Fla., and Knoxville, Tenn.

..WGSP-FM's new 500-foot tower was erected about seven miles southeast of Monroe, and its transmitter broadcasts at 6,000 watts.

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Broadcasting pioneer Rex Humbard, heralded by U.S. News & World Report as "one of the Top 25 Principle Architects of the American Century," has died at the age of 88 of natural causes.

…….Humbard, noted as America's first television evangelist, hit the airwaves in 1949 broadcasting from the CBS affiliate in Indianapolis and the world took notice.  By 1952, Humbard was broadcasting weekly to millions of viewers from his 5,400-seat church, the Cathedral of Tomorrow, in Akron, Ohio. This program was carried for some three decades by 360 stations across North America and more than 2,000 stations worldwide in 91 languages.  His simple storytelling style, combined with the best in gospel music, transcended cultures and doctrines, appealing to believers and non-believers alike. At the show's peak, weekly Sunday audiences averaged 8 million viewers.  

…..Humbard's personal appearances filled auditoriums from the Sydney Opera House and the Budokan in Tokyo to Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall in New York. In 1979, more than 1.2 million people filled soccer stadiums across Brazil to hear Humbard preach the Gospel message.

…..Early on, Humbard used radio and television to get the message of God's love to as many as possible. At age 13, he began broadcasting on KTHS radio in Hot Springs, Ark., singing gospel songs and inviting listeners to his father's local church. In the early 1940s, Humbard began a daily radio program carried nationwide on Mutual Network and the NBC Blue Network.

…..Humbard was the son of a minister and a member of the Humbard Family Singers. Born on Aug. 13, 1919 in Little Rock, Ark., he grew up in Hot Springs, Ark.

…..He is survived by his wife of 65 years Maude Aimee, his sons Rex, Jr., Don and Charles and his daughter Liz Darling; 10 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

…..Funeral services will be held in Akron, Ohio.


The disgruntled former CBS news anchor Dan Rather has filed a $70 million lawsuit Wednesday against the CBS Network, its parent company Viacom Inc., and three of his former bosses.  Rather said he was denied airtime on "60 Minutes," among other complaints outlined in the lawsuit, according to CBS Radio. He accuses CBS and its executives of making him a "scapegoat" in an attempt to "pacify the White House."

…..Rather's complaint stems from "intentional mishandling" by CBS of the aftermath of a discredited story about President George W. Bush's time in the Texas Air National Guard, the suit charges.  The lawsuit, filed in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, also names CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves, Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone, and Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News.

…….Rather is seeking $20 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages.


Bridge Ratings predicts that traditional and satellite radio will take a significant hit in listening about a decade after WiFi and WiMax technologies are available in-car.

…..This summer, Bridge Ratings surveyed consumers and device and auto manufacturers to explore the implications of wireless Internet and the availability of wireless Internet radio. This study projects that WiFi in-car should reach more than 50% of the U.S. population after nine years of market availability. According to Bridge, of the estimated 30 million users of wireless access technology in the U.S., 75% or 23 million have wireless-accessed Internet radio. In fact, 48% of those accessing the Internet via wireless technology seek out Internet radio. The number of Internet radio listeners accessing wirelessly will grow to 77 million by 2010 as wireless technology penetrates the U.S. lifestyle. Wireless Internet use in-car faces hurdles based on WiMax technology development, how quickly auto manufacturers are able to equip new cars and what type of early adopter consumer will want the technology.


Funeral services for Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder and senior pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., have been held.

…..Dr. Kennedy passed away on September 5th., but for nearly one-half century, his influence extended beyond his pastoral ministry as a statesman for cultural engagement and champion for moral righteousness. He had a profound impact across the U.S. and around the globe as one of the most respected Christian broadcasters – heard on nearly 750 radio and more than 400 television stations worldwide. 

…..Kennedy also led by example in Christian education, theological preparation and evangelism training, equipping believers in every nation to share the message of Christ.

.....Service participants included Focus on the Family Founder and Chairman of the Board Dr. James Dobson as keynote speaker; eulogies from National Religious Broadcasters President and CEO Dr. Frank Wright and a family testimony from daughter Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy and statements read by a representative of President George W. Bush and grandson of evangelist Billy Graham. …..Live video streaming of the service can be found at


HCJB Global has awarded its first annual “Timothy Award” to longtime radio manager Paul Hollinger, along with his wife Sylvia.

……..Dr. Ron Cline, chairman of the board of HCJB Global, handed the award to the Hollingers for their partnership with the mission through their work at the offices of WDAC-FM 94.5 in Lancaster. Lancaster, Pa

…..A spokesperson for HCJB Global said, "Together with WDAC-FM, the Hollingers have partnered with HCJB Global to assist on numerous projects, most recently helping construct and launch the first full-time Christian radio station in Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea.

….Paul Hollinger managed WDAC-FM for many years and most recently worked as chief operating officer until his retirement on Dec. 31, 2006.

For more information on HCJB Global visit: 



Washington Post Radio announced recently that it will go off the air next month after failing to attract enough listeners and losing money during its 17-month existence.

..Post Radio, which is broadcast regionally at 107.7 FM and 1500 AM, was not able to draw even 1 percent of listeners during its first year. Although ratings have improved somewhat in recent months, the gains weren't enough to convince WTWP's owner, Bonneville International Corp., that the station could be profitable any time soon, executives said. Bonneville and The Post had a three-year agreement.

..The two companies will announce that WTWP -- whose call letters abbreviate the newspaper's name -- will go off the air by the end of September. The stations will continue to carry news and talk programming without an association with The Post.



HCJB Global has launched a worldwide search to find a new president and chairman of the board.  

…..HCJB Global is seeking to replace David Johnson, who announced he will step down in September 2008 after more than six years of success and major accomplishments as leader of the international missions organization.

…..As well, Dr. Ron Cline will retire as chairman of the board of HCJB Global after 25 years at the helm; he will turn 70 in January 2008,

…..ASSIST News says HCJB Global's Board of Trustees has established a four-man presidential search team, which has already begun the process of looking for a replacement for Johnson.  Dr. James D. Allen, HCJB Global's senior vice president, will replace Cline as board chairman in September.

..For over 75 years, HCJB Global's passion has been to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Through a dynamic integration of media and healthcare around the world, HCJB Global is ministering in more than 100 countries. The gospel is aired in more than 120 languages and dialects. Local believers are being trained as missionaries, pastors, broadcasters and healthcare providers.

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KICY-AM, the only commercial radio station in America licensed to broadcast into a foreign country in that country’s language, has completed construction on two of their three-towers, and on Thursday evening, August 23rd, at 11pm AK time, resumed broadcasting at 50,000 watts into the Russian Far East. ……. Dennis Weidler, General Manager of the station said that Luda Kinok, KICY’s program director, pushed the button which activated the directional pattern, equivalent to 200,000 watts, westward into Russia. …….The effort was the culmination of two years in the rebuilding process following a fire at the original tuning house two years ago.

…..KICY’s license was granted by both the Federal Communication Commission and under terms of the Geneva Convention. The directional signal allows beaming the 50,000-watt, 850 mhz signal into the heart of the Russian Far East, broadcasting Christian inspiration, music and teaching in the Russian language. For More information:



After a new offer was made by SoundExchange to resolve a dispute over higher fees to Webcasters, some small Internet radio broadcasters said they are rejecting that offer, as the higher royalties would be too big a financial burden.

 ……SoundExchange is the music industry group that collects royalties from Webcasters and distributes them to artists and record labels. The offer was aimed at resolving a dispute over higher fees which were due July 15. The offer was to pay discounted royalty rates for streaming music online through 2010.  …….Under the latest proposal qualified Webcasters - those earning $1.25 million or less in annual gross revenue and with a certain size audience - could pay royalty fees of 10 or 12 percent of annual revenue.  

……According to SoundExchange, the radio stations have until September 14 to accept the offer, and those who do not accept, would pay higher royalty rates mandated by a panel of three copyright judges, or stop streaming music.  

…..The judges ruled in May after the music industry and Webcasters were unable to agree on a royalty system to replace a previous set of agreements that expired Dec. 31, 2005.



Hurricane Dean made landfall very early Tuesday morning in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and Clive Welsh, a missionary with Saving Grace World Missions in neighboring Belize, reports that Ambergris Caye, the island where he manages Lighthouse Christian Radio Station, received very strong winds and rain.

..ASSIST News reports that the station manager, Dennis Requena, chose to stay on the island and keep the radio station on all night until the electricity went out.  Thousands of residents had evacuated as requested by the station, but many stayed. …..The only route from Belize City to the western and southern districts was crowded with vehicles, as the mayor of Belize City had urged residents to head for higher ground. Belize City is below sea level and flooding was a given. Reports indicated that Belize was not greatly affected and many are returning today to resume life as normal.…..The furthest northern district of Corozal was affected greatly by the strong winds that took off many roofs, and  it is reported that some trees were down and there were some huge waves, but very little damage to the radio station.  

…..The island is still without electricity, which is hoped will be restored shortly so broadcasting can be resumed. For More Information:

Hope Media of Sweden, founded and directed by Nathan and Maria Quist, is now broadcasting six hours daily and all day on Saturday on a secular regional radio station in central Sweden. The programming consists of contemporary Christian music and testimonies of God's intervention in the lives of those who seek Him.  For more information contact:

(Raidio News) - HCJB WORLD RADIO
HCJB World Radio, the world's first missionary broadcasting ministry, which also has developed an international medical outreach, has changed its name to HCJB Global. The ministry also named its media ministries, HCJB Global Voice and its healthcare ministries, HCJB Global Hands.

.......HCJB Global began in Quito, Ecuador, on Christmas Day 1931. It was founded by Clarence W. Jones and Reuben Larson, who were encouraged to go forward with the project by the great evangelist Paul Radar whom Clarence and Reuben served with on staff at the old Chicago Gospel Tabernacle in Chicago, IL.

.......The first studio and transmitter site was a converted sheep shed in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. At that time, HCJB's founder Clarence Jones stood in that tiny shed with the rain pounding on the tin roof broadcasting with a 200 watt home-built transmitter made by Reuben Larson, while a technician for CBS radio. CBS broadcast the ?Breakfast Brigade? program ?live? each morning from the Tabernacle?s auditorium.
.......When HCJB first began their broadcast, there were also only six receivers in the country capable of receiving the programs at that time, and this left Clarence feeling like a failure. But he said that God spoke to him and told him that if a sheep shed was good enough for the birth of his Son, then it should be good enough for the start of HCJB's ministry.
.......Since those early days, HCJB has grown to become an international mission, focusing on radio, healthcare and leadership development within Latin America, and nowin other countries such as Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. HCJB Global, which the broadcaster interprets as Heralding Christ Jesus' Blessings, is the actual call sign of their original station.
For further infomation:  

(Raidio News) BETHLEHEM
Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, is getting a ?New Vision? due to the efforts of students at Bethlehem Bible College.
.......According to Dr. Bishara Awad, President of the college, the Mass Media Department of Bethlehem Bible College is being used for the glory of God, and their TV program on Bethlehem television is aired twice weekly to an audience that numbers in the ?hundreds of people.?
.......The New Vision Media Center is producing programs for SAT-7, an Arabic-speaking satellite station for the Middle East as well as preparing their fourteen-student class for graduation in May, 2007.
.......The Media Center started in 2000, and after the second Intifada began this year, the College staff saw the need to bring hope and light to the hearts of the Palestinian people. One way of course is through the media, and with the support from PMU Interlife, Bethlehem Bible College started a program of training Palestinians, in a Christian environment, in the field of Mass media.
.......Bethlehem Bible College is the only Christian training school for Arabic-speaking Christians in Israel and the West Bank, and seeks to train and prepare Christian servant-leaders for the churches and society within an Arab context who model Christ centeredness, Godly humility, biblical wholeness, creative mercy and justice in their jobs and ministries as life-long learners.
Further info:  

(Raidio News) HCJB World Radio
HCJB World Radio, first established in the early 1930's in Quito, Ecuador, is celebrating its 75 years of broadcast service.
........HCJB was birthed by the vision of Howard and Clarence Jones and Reuben Larson who were inspired to enter mission service by the great American evangelist Paul Rader, while serving under his ministry in Chicago at the renowned Chicago Gospel Tabernacle during the 1920's.
........Today, the HCJB broadcast ministry is still making an impact after all these years, and independent radio stations established through HCJB are operating in some 100 countries worldwide.
........For years, HCJB World radio broadcast by Shortwave Christian programs to other parts of the world from its facilities in the Andes Mountains of Quito, Ecuador. When communism began to crumble in many countries, however, the evangelical ministry began looking for new ways to spread the gospel.
........Since the early 1990s, through an outreach called "radio planting," HCJB has worked with local ministries and churches to establish more than 300 radio stations worldwide. 

(Raidio News) CBS Radio Inc.
CBS Radio Inc. has agreed to pay $2 million to nonprofit New York music programs to settle an investigation by state officials that some employees received vacation trips, gift cards and merchandise from record labels to play their songs.
........The deal marks the first settlement that New York Atty. Gen. Elliot Spitzer has made with a radio conglomerate, and comes amid his office's sweeping probe into the music industry's secretive practice of pay-for-play.
........At least three of the nation's largest stations are under scrutiny by Spitzer, including Clear Channel Communications Inc. and Citadel Broadcasting Corp.
........Spitzer's payola investigation has resulted in settlements with Sony BMG Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and EMI Music North America. Those settlements have totaled more than $30 million, with Universal paying more than $12 million in fines.
........In April, the Federal Communications Commission launched its own investigation into the payola practices of radio companies, focusing on CBS Radio as well as Clear Channel, Entercom and Citadel. 

(Raidio News) Liberal talk radio
Liberal talk radio takes another blow; this time WKBF-AM 1270, Davenport, IA, will give way to a Christian talk format before the end of the year. Mercury Broadcasting, which owns WKBF, sold the station for $150,000 this week to Quad-Cities Media.
........The station will now include nationally syndicated programs, but will also local voices and opinions as well. The switch should take place in mid-to late December. New call letters are being applied for to replace WKBF, which started in 1925 as WHBF-AM.
........WKBF had several format changes in the past 2 1/2 years, and most recently was an outlet for the liberal-based talk network Air America. The ratings for WKBF, as is the case for most liberal talk outlets, has been extremely soft. In several Arbitron ratings measurements, the station did not even register any ratings for persons ages 12-plus.
........WKBF first signed on in 1925 as WHBF, "Where Historic Blackhawk Fought." In the 1930s, it moved to 1270 AM. Through the 1960s and '70s, the station had a middle-of-the-road, adult standards format, and from 1974 to 1995, the station was known as "Country Sunshine Radio," with current and classic country music. 

(Raidio News) Whistling Frog Productions
Whistling Frog Productions, a division of HCJB-UK, based in Bradford, England, has won the first Independent Christmas Radio Award for a series of radio features they made for HOME FM in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.
........"Homeless at Christmas" told the story of how the charity Nightstop in West Yorskhire looks after young people with nowhere to go during the festive season.
........Many of the Nightstop families are Christians and the winning programs linked their Christian faith into the meaning of the Christmas story. The features were played as part of the evening news slot during December 2005 on HOME FM.
........Independent Christmas is a commercial radio sponsorship scheme run by Jerusalem Productions, part of the Jerusalem Trust, one of the Sainsbury family charitable trusts.
........The Jerusalem Awards ceremony took place last week at the Royal Society of the Arts in London. 

(Raidio News) FCC Commissioners
A lengthy public meeting late last week in Los Angeles was attended by two FCC Commissioners, Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein, who were present to oversee the debate over proposed media ownership rule changes.
.......Roughly 250 people attended the public hearing, which lasted over four hours and showcased the public's frustration over the proposed new rules. Various speakers from all walks of life voiced their anger at broadcasters who they felt have abandoned the public interest.
.......The hearing was also aimed at listening to the concerns of Latinos over Spanish-language broadcasting. Several Latinos in attendance asked the Commission to more closely monitor the content on Spanish radio stations.
.......Jonathan Adelstein said afterwards that ?This was a powerful statement of the deep level of concern within the Hispanic community about the state of the media in Los Angeles, and the frustration is understandable. 

(Raidio News) Nielsen ratings
As the competition between Arbitron's PPM and The Media Audit/Ipsos "Smart Phone" heats up, a third entrant may join the race for the future of radio ratings. Nielsen ratings service announced over the weekend that the company is considering getting into the radio business.
.......A Nielsen spokeswoman told Reuters recently that the service known for television ratings is in discussions with an evaluation team to see whether it makes sense for Nielsen to enter the measurement of radio. The evaluation team mentioned is Clear Channel's committee that is researching potential electronic ratings options for the industry.
.......Nielsen held an option to join Arbitron in the development of the PPM and potential usage of the device for TV ratings, but the companies parted ways early this year. 

(Raidio News) Veteran broadcaster and missionary
John Mosher went home to be with the Lord Tuesday afternoon, August 29, 2006. At the time of his death, he was at his earthly home with family and friends in DeKalb, IL, and they report his passing was peaceful, with no visible pain; John had fought a long battle with Cancer.
.......Mosher began his career in Christian broadcasting at WDAC in Lancaster, PA., when the Lord called him into full-time missionary service. For many years John served with TEAM in Aruba, and his voice was heard throughout the Caribbean in the English news service on Radio Victoria.
.......Mosher and his wife, Murial, were later commissioned under SEND, International, and served with the radio ministry in Petersburg, Alaska, KRSA, where they retired from active service in 2003.
.......John is survived by his wife, Murial, and their three children, Heather, Jill and Nathan.
A memorial Service will be on Friday, September 1 at 2 pm at Wellspring Chapel in DeKalb, IL  

(Raidio News) National Radio Hall of Fame
Two of CBS News greatest talents, are among those who make up the
National Radio Hall of Fame Class of 2006. The announcement was made recently by Bruce DuMont, president of The Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago.
.......Those being inducted include; Douglas Edwards (deceased), CBS newsman from 1942 to 1988, and award-winning war-time correspondent on The World Today during World War II and anchored The World Tonight on CBS Radio for 22 years. Christopher Glenn in 35 years with CBS News Radio, he excelled as a producer, writer, anchor and field reporter. Glenn retired as anchor of The CBS World News Roundup in 2006 after serving in a similar capacity for The World Tonight for 11 years. John Hare; President of ABC Radio has been responsible for the networks reach of 145 million listeners each week. Scott Shannon, the veteran on-air personality and program director of WPLJ/NY, who helped create and define the ?Morning Zoo? format. William B. Williams (deceased), renowned disc jockey for WNEW/NY, who possessed a keen knowledge of music and personal anecdotes.
.......The nationally broadcast ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 4th at 9:00 PM (CT) from the Renaissance Chicago Hotel, and will be carried on many major stations, including; WABC/New York, KABC/Los Angeles, and WGN and WLS in Chicago. Tickets for the black-tie induction gala and broadcast may be purchased by calling toll free 866/860-1640 or going online at
.......For more information:  

(Raidio News) Petition 2493
Petition 2493, also known as Madolyn Murray O'Hair's Religious Petition, continues to resurface "over and over again" according to the National Religious Broadcasters organization. The more recent hoax takes on a new twist, with the e-mails erroneously claiming that Dr. James Dobson, founder of Colorado Springs, CO ministry, Focus on The Family is the petitions originator. The NRB says ?don't believe any of it!?
For more information:  

(Raidio News) Antique Radio Club of Illinois
The Antique Radio Club of Illinois held their annual Open Air Fair and Swap-meet, on Thursday, August 3 through Saturday August 5, at the Bolingbrook Holiday Inn, in Bolingbrook, IL., a southwest suburb of Chicago.
.......Vendors and radio enthusiasts attended from all across the country. In addition for the opportunity for guests and members to purchase and sell radios and associated equipment, there were numerous seminars, refreshments and a great time of fun and relaxation.
.......For more information, go to:

(Raidio News) Far Northern Radio Increases power
Radio station KICY-FM on the frozen tundra of Nome, Alaska has just increased their FM power to 1,000 watts, and also increased the antenna height with a brand-new tower, thanks in part to the Towers for Jesus team. Arctic Broadcasting also operates KICY-AM, which serves listeners throughout northwest Alaska and the Russian far-east.
.......For more information, go to: 

(Raidio News) Christian Radio has broad Reach
Americans on average listen to 20 hours of radio programming each week. Since 1980, the number of U.S. radio stations, AM and FM combined, has seen a phenomenal 37% growth. According to a report released by The Barna Group (, more people use various forms of Christian media than attend church. Barna reports nearly half of all U.S. adults (46%) listen to a Christian radio broadcast in a typical month. Although the vast majority tuning in indicate themselves to be born again Christians, nearly 28% of non-Christians listen monthly as well. The Barna poll also revealed that one out of every six U.S. adults (16%) listens to Christian radio on a daily basis. Barna indicates that the percentage of Americans listening to Christian radio has dropped since 1992, but the actual number of those tuning in remains the same. 

(Raidio News) Radio Station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador
For the second consecutive year Radio Station HCJB in Quito, Ecuador, was named ?Best International Station? in the 2005 survey of Portuguese-speaking shortwave listeners conducted by the Santa Rita DX Club in Brazil. ?DX? is a term for ?distance?, and DXers are listeners who enjoy hearing signals from distant stations.
.......HCJB was one of 19 shortwave stations mentioned by respondents to the survey. Others in the top five included Radio Japan, China Radio International, Chile-based Voz Cristã (Christian Voice) and Radio Canada International.